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If only you could superposition your way through this week…

Quantum Meets is a dynamic three-day series of captivating quantum events set to take place in the Netherlands from June 11-13.

Highlighting this year's lineup is the Q-Expo, a unique two-day event by the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) featuring a business expo day and plenary day.

Unlike your typical quantum conference, Quantum Meets is a co-created collection of free events. Each day will spotlight a distinct theme, addressing the breadth and depth of quantum technology, inviting all stakeholders to participate in an immersive exploration of a diverse array of topics spanning applications, implications, cutting-edge research, policy, and the cultivation of quantum ecosystems.

The event lineup will be unveiled soon, promising a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants.

If only you could superposition your way through this week…

Click here for the full Quantum Meets '24 programme.

Become a co-host

Join us in shaping the conversation, showcasing innovations, and fostering meaningful connections in the quantum community! Quantum Meets '24 provides a multitude of opportunities for active participation: You can either co-host one of the offered slots on the main programme, co-host a side-event or request a booth at the Q-EXPO.

Request a booth at Q-Expo

Come and showcase your organization‘s quantum solutions to business leaders and government representatives from across Europe and abroad. A limited number of booths await starting at a turnkey rate as low as € 4.000. The booth designs offer flexibility for personalization while ensuring a hassle-free experience with inclusions like branding, furniture, TV-screen, electricity, WiFi, and social media promotion.

Express your interest in joining the Q-Expo, holding a booth and/or sponsoring the event by reaching out to eva.tomic@euroquic.org or filling out the form on the 'Become a co-host'-page.


Quantum Meets offers a unique opportunity to engage with quantum technology at no cost. All Quantum Meets events are free, ensuring accessibility for all interested parties. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just beginning to explore the quantum landscape, there are no barriers to participation.

A recap


Welcoming guests from 17 different countries into 1 exceptional community. Quantum Meets ’23 was an extraordinary experience!


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Juliette de la Rie
Quantum Meets Lead
Ilona van der Rijt
Project & Stakeholder Management
Shahar Graf
Event Support & Nodes of One Network Lead
Thijs Brehm
Event & Visitor Support

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